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25 January 2011Cairo, Egypt
13 October 1492San Salvador, Bahamas
17 December 1903Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
6 August 1945Japan
15 June 1215Runnymede, United Kingdom
12 January 2010Léogâne, Haiti
2-5 September 1666London, United Kingdom
9 November 1989Berlin, Germany
5 November 1605London, United Kingdom
11 September 2001New York, New York
11 February 1990Paarl, South Africa
c. 610 ADMount Hira, Saudi Arabia
22 February 1980Lake Placid, New York
4 June 1989Beijing, China
14 October 1066[Event Name], United Kingdom
7 August 1964Washington, DC
5 September 1972Munich, Germany
4 July 1776Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8 May 1945Berlin, Germany
c. 313 ADMilan, Italy

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