US Presidents by Haiku

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Can you name the US Presidents 1-20 from the haiku?

Updated Nov 4, 2015

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Fugitive Slave Act / He founded Buffalo U / ...He's not so well known
Middle name just S. / General in Civil War / Liked to hit the sauce
Didn't do so much / Long Inauguration Speech / Died of Pneumonia
The first Democrat / Indian Removal Act / Governed Florida
Southern sympathies / Signed Kansas-Nebraska Act / No V.P., mostly
War of 1812 / Father of the Bill of Rights / He was a short guy
The second guy's son / He beat out Andrew Jackson / Then he lost to him
Free Soil Party Guy / Panic of '37 / Hey, Old Kinderhook!
Liked Civil Service / Only lasted six months though / All 'cause of Guiteau
First to be impeached / His Seward bought Alaska / Once was a tailor
He's often ranked worst / The only Pennsylvanian / Only bachelor
Vetoed many bills / After predecessor's death / Gone in '45
He won by one vote / He ended reconstruction / V.P. was Wheeler
No parties, warned he / In his last farewell address / He was first in line
Made namesake doctrine / Supported Liberia / Died on July 4
Louisiana / He wrote the Declaration / Monticello man
Preserved the Union / He was assassinated / Four score, seven years...
He was the Dark Horse / He defeated Henry Clay / Won Mexican War
Last Whig elected / Second to die in office / Last one to own slaves
First in the White House / Defended British Soldiers / Father of the Sixth

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