US President by Haiku II

Random History or US Presidents Quiz

Can you name the US Presidents 21-44 from the Haiku?

Updated Nov 9, 2014

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Mining engineer / The Great Depression started / Lost in '32
He once farmed peanuts / Witnessed Camp David Accords / He was from Georgia
Signed Pendleton Act / Was referenced in Die Hard 3 / Was Garfield's VP
Only PhD / Got us into World War I / Headed Princeton U
Got us a surplus / The second to be impeached / Supported NAFTA
He's the first black one / Likes universal healthcare / His dog's name is Bo
His nickname was Ike / Was a five-star general / Started the space race
Started war with Spain / Namesake of famous mountain / Ended by Czolgosz
Brought down Soviets / 'Read my lips - no new taxes' / Didn't like broccoli
PT-109 / Cuban Missile Crisis - whew! / The only Catholic
He fell quite a lot / He was never elected / Died age 93
Bull Moose candidate / Youngest at age 42 / Treaty of Portsmouth
Served in all branches / Who can forget the bathtub? / War Secretary
Teapot Dome Scandal / He published a newspaper / Died in '23
Four terms is a lot / Ended the Great Depression / World War II, Ahoy!
Born in New Jersey / So nice he's President twice / '93 Panic
Great Society / Took the oath on Air Force One / Passed Civil Rights Act
'Evil Empire' speech / Once acted with a monkey / Said 'Tear down this wall!'
Bombed those two cities / He really lost to Dewey? / Said 'The buck stops here'
Was born in Vermont / He didn't say much at all / V.P. was Charles Dawes
Started Iraq War / He didn't forget Poland / Axis of Evil
Middle name Milhous / Visited the PRC / First one to resign
Lost Popular Vote / Signed Sherman Antitrust Act / William's Grandson

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