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Debut GameCharacterHint
Wii SportsIn Mario Kart Wii
______ ____Most Popular Nintendo Character
_____ Bros.Scaredy Cat
Pokemon Red/Blue/GreenElectric Mouse
_____'s Dream LandFinal Cutter Move
Super _____ Bros.7 Sons 1 Daughter
The Legend of _____Must Find The Triforce
The Legend of _____One of the Most Popular Princess'
_____ the Hedgehog'Blue Dude with 'tude'
Skylanders GiantsOnomonopeia
Skylanders GiantsMost Popular Giant
Super _____ Bros.Fruit Princess
Pokemon Gold/SilverMisty's Pokemon
Animal CrossingStore Owner
Animal Crossing: Wild WorldCute Teddy Bear
Animal CrossingMusical Dog
Super Smash Bros.Evil Body Part
Super _____ Land 2: 6 Gold CoinsLover of Garlic
Super _____ WorldEggs
Super _____ Bros.Fungus Person
_____'s AdventureSpecies of _____
_____'s Dream LandNo Mouth
_____ the Hedgehog 2Fox and Buddy
Pokemon Red/Blue/GreenPokemon Trainer
Super _____ SunshineIsle Delfino Resident
Super _____ SunshineNewest Son
Pokemon Diamond/PearlBunny Pokemon
Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureMain Antaganist of Skylands
Super _____ Bros.Squid
Debut GameCharacterHint
MinecraftDiamond Sword
Pokemon Ruby/SaphireScreech
Super Paper MarioThe Void
Luigi's MansionOriginal Crown Was Ruby
Super _____ Bros. 3Playable in _____ Party 8
Super _____ Bros. 2Masked Soldier of Wart
Pokemon Gold/SilverFinal Fire Type Evolution
_____ ____: Plug in AdventureTiny Robot
Sonic RiderConfident Racers
___-___Ghost Fighter
Animal CrossingPopular Cat
Super _____ LandFlower Princess
Super _____ SunshineShelled Resident of Isle Delfino
Super Smash Bros. BrawlEvil Ruler of Subspace
MinecraftRuler of the End
Pokemon Red/Blue/GreenSinging Cat-Like Thing
Pokemon Red/Blue/GreenRare Cat
______ ____Tie Wearing Ape
Skylanders: Spyros AdventureEarth Type Flash
___-___Red Ghost Leader
Super _____ GalaxyProtecter of the Cosmos
Pokemon Diamond/PearlWater Penguin
Pokemon Black/WhiteWater Otter
Kid IcarusAngel
Super _____ World 2: _____'s IslandCry Baby in a Bubble
_____'s Dream LandBeam Giver
Pokemon Gold/SilverRandom Appering Team Rocket
Paper _____Magic Power Giver
Paper _____: The Thousand-Year DoorGoomba Partner
Super _____ Bros.Turtle Enemy

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