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What MMORPG does Penny get addicted to?
What night does the group go to the comic book store?
What is written on Leonard's wall when he looks around the apartment?
Who does Howard hit on the train to San Francisco?
According to Sheldon, what is the pet of the future and can play catch with eight arms?
Where did the group go on Anything Can Happen Thursday?
What mode of transport is Sheldon obsessed with?
What is the name of Bernadette's ex that the gang run into at the science conference?
What vehicle does Howard crash while attempting to impress a woman?
Name the TV scientist that Sheldon has a restraining order from?
What type of animal does Sheldon make luminous?
Who runs the comic book store?
What is Sheldon's kryptonite?
What is the phrase that Sheldon says after urinating?
Which character often sounds uncannily like Howard's mother?
What number do Sheldon and Leonard live at?
What time does Sheldon 'move his bowels'?
What organisation do Sheldon and Leonard work for?
How old was Sheldon's father when he died?
What is name of Sheldon's father?

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