Oscar Nominees Taglines - 2013

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Can you name the 2013 Oscar-nominated films based on their taglines?

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TaglineFilmNominated Categories
The movie was fake. The mission was real.
Assemble 2012
The D is silent. Payback won't be.
Nothing is more powerful than the human spirit.
Change Your Fate
Behind every Psycho is a great woman.
You can't ask why about love.
Believe the unbelievable
Laugh your booty off
Fight. Dream. Hope. Love.
[Title] is coming.
TaglineFilmNominated Categories
The Fairytale is Over.
When the game is over, a new world comes to life.
Watch for the signs
The Greatest Manhunt in History
The search for our beginning could lead to our end.
The Snow White legend comes alive.
The Festival Hit of the Year!
The electrifying dog is back from beyond the grave.
From the smallest beginnings come the greatest legends.
It's all fun and games until someone raises the dead.

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