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I Was ___________ Today!!Suburban Commando
They had the balls to give one of the greatest superheroes of all time _____________?Batman and Robin
THIS FILM WAS __________________!!!Cloverfield
If anyone asks ___________ did itNorth
Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the __________.Tom and Jerry the Movie
Anastasia is often referred to as a cheap Disney knock-off, but we know that isn't true. No, it was an _____________!Top 11 Villain Songs
Oh good, _____ approves.Twister
I'm a ____________A troll in central Park
QuoteMissing Word(s)Video
Fear the ______________!Zeus and Roxanne
Oh! I know, I know! ___________ wildly!Superman IV
You know what this collection of human misery needs? a _______________!Titanic - The Animated Musical
________________ talking to me about crack is absolutely hilarious.Top 11 Drug PSAs
I love the ___________. Who doesn't? They're funny, they're clever, they're unique, they're absolutely wonderful.Space Jam
Hey! Would you like to play some _________?Pokemon the First Movie
They can't say that it's a good film, a funny film, or even a film. All they can say is, ___________.Video Game Review (Bebe's Kids Game)

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