F.R.I.E.N.D.S relationships

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Can you name the F.R.I.E.N.D.S relationships?

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PartnerF.R.I.E.N.DBroke up because...
Charlie WheelerThe pair have nothing in common
RogerHe reveals the truth about all the FRIENDS feelings
'Fun' BobbyHe becomes a depressive after giving up alcohol
BonnieAnother FRIEND convinces her to shave her head and then this FRIEND falls for her again
Ross GellerSeveral reasons, but its a happy ending :')
PaoloHe made a pass at another FRIEND at their work
Tag JonesHe was too young for the FRIEND
JulieShe wasn't Rachel
Kathy (first one)She cheated on this FRIEND with another FRIEND
'Young' EthanHe lied about his age
Rachel GreenThey were/weren't on a break... All ends well :')
ErinThey are both 'loners'
Chip MatthewsHe acts like he is still in High School
VinceHe said he couldn't date someone who would 'have a flame in the middle of a wooden area'
JasonHe couldn't date a two-timer like this FRIEND
ElizabethShe was too immature for this FRIEND
AuroraThe FRIEND doesn't want to share her with three other men
MonaShe couldn't deal with the fact that this FRIEND was the father of another FRIENDs unborn child
Paul 'the wine guy'He lied about his previous love life
Rachel GreenThey were too close friends
Chandler BingThey didn't :')
PartnerF.R.I.E.N.DBroke up because...
GaryHe shot a bird while they were in bed together
Jean-Claude Van DammeAnother FRIEND told him they were up for a threesome
Barry FarberHe cheated on FRIEND with Mindy Hunter
Timothy BurkeHe reminded the FRIEND too much of his dad
Janine LecroixShe doesn't like this FRIENDS friends
Janice Many reasons and no-one could stand her
Mike HanniganHe says he doesn't want to get married, but then everything works out ok :')
Carol WillickShe was a lesbian
Duncan SullivanIt turns out that he's not gay, he's marrying another woman
Charlie WheelerShe realises she still loves her ex
Pete BeckerHe was dangerously hurting himself trying to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion
JoshuaThe FRIEND seemed obsessed about getting married
Joey TribbianiThey were too close friends
EmilyThis FRIEND said the wrong name at their wedding and then she couldnt trust him
Richard BurkeHe didn't want to get married and have kids again
Paul StevensHe can't stop crying after opening up to the FRIEND
Monica GellerThey didn't :')
DavidHe went to work in Minsk to research the distillation of sub-atomic particles
Gavin MitchellThe FRIEND is having trouble deciding where their relationship is with another FRIEND
RussLooks too much like another FRIEND they used to date
Kathy (second one)The FRIEND accuses her of cheating on him, she hadn't, but then she did

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