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Can you name the athlete known for the outrageous act described?

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He struck opposing catcher John Roseboro's head with baseball bat leading to 14 stitches for Roseboro
He spit on a young female fan, missing his targeted heckler because he 'didn't get enough foam'
He and a teammate drew guns on each other during Christmas Eve locker room dipute over a gambling debt
He was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery in connection with theft of 'his own' sports memorabilia
He told ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber, 'I want to kiss you' on national telecast'
She forfeited U.S. Open match point when she cursed and allegedly threatened to kill the line judge
He was fired before coaching first game when alleged call girl charged over $1000 to his university-paid room service
He was in a coma for 29 days after his failed jump at Caesar's Palace
Her ex-husband conspired to eliminate her leading competitor from the 1994 Olympic Games
He pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman to murder his own agent
He bit off a chunk of opponent's ear during a match
He holds black belts in karate and Tai but could not outbox former child actor Danny Bonaduce
He protested official's call by tossing folding chair clear across the court
Making more than $1M as a rookie, he applied for job at Circuit City to get the employee's discount
His rants at officials included the line, 'You cannot be serious.'
He wore a wedding dress to promote his autobiography, claiming that he was bisexual and that he was 'marrying himself'
He served 2-years after shooting himself with a illegally concealed Glock
His signature of rebellion bushy blonde mane was actually a wig
Changed his legal name to match his uniform number
He attacked TV interviewer Jim Rome after Rome called him Chris (Evert) in wake of 'Phantom Sack' episode

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