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Can you name the Actor who Played this Famous Sports Personality?

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Rubin Carter/The Hurricane
Pete Rose/Hustle
Vince Papale/Invincible
Ty Cobb/Cobb
Muhammad Ali/Ali
Joe Jackson/Field of Dreams
Grover C. Alexander/The Winning Team
Babe Ruth/The Pride of the Yankees
Buck Weaver/Eight Men Out
Babe Ruth/The Babe
Mike Tyson/Tyson
Gale Sayers/Brian's Song (1971)
Jackie Robinson/Soul of the Game
Roger Maris/61*
Lou Gehrig/The Pride of the Yankees
Mickey Mantle/61*
Satchel Paige/Soul of the Game
Jake LaMotta/Raging Bull
Dick Vermeil/Invincible
Don King/Don King: Only in America
Whitey Ford/61*
Brian Piccolo/Brian's Song (1971)
Billy Martin/The Bronx is Burning
Mel Allen/61*
Howard Cosell/Monday Night Mayhem

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