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You Would SeeMovie
An obviously fake bird eating a bug while the oblivious characters become in awe of it.
A Native American suffocates some guy in a bed and then escapes.
A man receives a terrible painting from some kid that can't even read, and then starts crying.
Some guy kills another guy with a bowling pin.
Some guy rambles on about his stupid dream.
A giant baby floats in outer space.
A woman mocks a singer and warns the male lead that he will miss his plane.
Two guys lay naked in a park singing some song and then theres fireworks.
You Would SeeMovie
A guy sees one lady, turns out to be another lady, but shes his biggest fan.
An African American demands money from an Italian after vandalizing his resteraunt.
A teen rushes to a museum just to look at a squid.
Raining frogs.
The word 'hope' is overused.
A guy manages to talk even after he is shot, and has the nerve to say that we don't understand what he's saying.
A bunch of people put rocks on a tombstone.
A man claims he is cured, while wrestling with a naked woman.

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