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1947Lissy Anne MacBean
1947Effie Bright
1948Margit Mitchell
1948Dorothy Feiner Rodgers
1948Edith Enley
1949Olga Alexandrova/Maria Buhlen
1949Evelyn 'Taffy' Heldon
1949June Forsyte
1949Connie Ennis
1951Isabelle Perry
1951Jennifer Paige
1951Rosa Szabo Xenophon
1951Nancy Peterson
1952Lucille 'Lucy' Duncan
1952Aline de Gavrillac
1952Abby Ames
1953Lina Patch
1953Connie Bedloe
1953Bess Houdini
1953Chris Hall
1954Princess Aleta
1954Wally Cook
1954Lady Anne
1954Karen Stephanson
1955Ivy Conrad
1955Eileen Sherwood
1956Linda Latham
1957Lt. Anna Marladovna Shannon/Olga Orlief
1958Susan 'Susie' Vargas
1958Lt. Vicki Loren
1960Ann Wilson
1960Marion Crane
1962Eugenie Rose Chaney
1963Rosie DeLeon
1963Bertie Austin
1966Susan Harper
1966Dr. Elizabeth Acord
1966Cherry McMahon
1967Mary Ann
1969Vivian Miller
1972Gert Meredith
1972Gerry Bennett
1979Florence Cohen
1980Kathy Williams
1998Norma Watson
2005Mrs. Witt

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