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1932Bit Role
1933Man at Race Course
1935Bill Gage
1935Cockney Sailor Thrown Out of Saloo
1935Leo Cartwright
1936Clancey Lorrimore
1936George Britell
1936Capt. Clyde Lockert
1936Bertie Wooster
1936Captain James Randall
1936Captain Gerald Preston
1937Joe Gilling
1937Captain Fritz von Tarlenheim
1937Paul de Brack
1938Albert de Regnier
1938Christopher Leigh
1938Steve Harrington
1939Edgar Linton
1939David Merlin
1939Lt. Terence McCool
1939Tony aka The Great Arturo
1939A.J. Raffles
1942Geoffrey Crisp
1944Lieutenant Jim Perry
1946Peter Carter
1946Aaron Burr
1947Dale Williams
1947Doctor Anthony Stanton
1947Henry Brougham
1948Prince Charles
1948General Sir Roland Dane
1949Eric Phillips
1949Kenneth Marquis
1950Jacques Riboudeaux
1950Sir Percy Blackeney/The Scarlet Pimpernel
1951B.G. Bruno
1951Capt. Pindenny
1951Maj. Valentine Moreland
1951Bill Shelby
1953David Slater
1954Rex Allerton
1954Jasper O'Leary
1955James - Duke of Brampton
1956Colonel Patrick Henry Harris
1956Roger Tweakham
1956Phileas Fogg
1957Dr. Alan Coles
1957Henry Brittingham-Brett
1957Godfrey Smith
1958Major Angus Pollock
1959Miles Doughton
1959Chris Walters
1960Lawrence Larry Mackay
1961Maj. Richardson
1962Lama, remembering Lady Chatterly's Lover
1962Tom Jordan
1962Major Peter Whitfield
1963Sir Arthur Robertson
1963Sir Charles Lytton
1964Lawrence Jameson
1965Dr. Jason Love
1965Dicky, Lord Lendale
1966Philippe de Montfaucon
1967Sir James Bond/007
1968Gerald Hardcastle
1968Jonathan Kingsley
1969Col. Carol Matthews
1969Major Burnside
1969Cmdr. John Finchhaven, RN
1971Alex Bolt
1972Charles Dreyer
1975Count Dracula
1975'Major' Walter Bradbury
1976J.W. Osborne
1976Dick Charleston
1978Colonel Race
1979Professor Blake
1980Chief Insp. Cyril Willis
1980Col. W.H. 'Bill' Grice
1982Sir Charles Litton
1983Nick Cartland
1983Sir Charles Litton

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