Name the Friendship is Magic minor characters

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Can you name the Friendship is Magic minor characters?

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Cross-eyed pegasus
Sits like a human
Has a curly navy-and-pink mane
Plays the cello
The horror! THE HORROR!
Crazy pony under Discord's power
Time Lord
Alcoholic, domineering mother
'I emptied your fridge.'
Ponyville's sole government official
Twin beauticians
Has a safety pin for a cutie mark
Has two music notes for a cutie mark
The previous pony's cyclops brother
Lost the grass seeds during Winter Wrap-up
Ponyville's answer to Andre Agassi
Wears a blonde beehive with feathers
Wears a cameo necklace and a bow in her mane
Wears a monocle and top hat
One of Ponyville's only health care providers
Brushie brushie brushie!
Wears an orange flower in her mane
'I think she cares more about books than friends.'
Works for the moving company

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