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HintWordWhat Is Changed
On your mark, get set, ___!!!
Poly-____Add one letter
1 billion yearsChange one letter
An unskilled workerAdd one letter
A writing utensilTake away one letter
A domestic animalChange one letter
A group who works for the ethical treatment of animalsAdd one letter
A strip coated with adhesiveUnscramble
Worn by SupermanChange one letter
Crunchatize me, ______!Change one letter
The first murdererChange one letter
A log shelter, usually in a remote area (think Abe Lincoln)Add one letter
A specific type of rifleAdd two letters
Element with 6 protonsChange one letter, take away one letter
A breakfast meatTake away the 'R,' then unscramble
HintWordWhat Is Changed
A specific type of radar that can be located by its response to a specific signal; blend of 'radar' and 'beacon'Change one letter
A nocturnal animal that you may find in your trash canAdd two letters
A slang term for the previous wordTake away three letters
In a short timeChange one letter
Not a forkAdd one letter
To faint from emotionChange one letter
To have promised (past participle)Change one letter
ThreadbareTake away one letter
pop_____, _____y jokes, _____-on-the-cobChange one letter
ContemptAdd one letter
20 yearsChange one letter
A place where one might shopChange one letter
The author of Uncle Tom's CabinChange one leter
_____-n-go seatingTake away one letter
_____: HammertimeChange one letter

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