Presidents' Middle Initials

Random History or US Presidents Quiz

Can you name the middle initials of the following presidents?

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PresidentMiddle InitialMiddle Name
John __. Adams (6th president, not 2nd)
James __. Polk
Franklin __. Roosevelt
Chester __. Arthur
Harry __. Truman
John __. Kennedy
Dwight __. Eisenhower
William __. Taft
William __. Harrison
James __. Garfield
PresidentMiddle InitialMiddle Name
Lyndon __. Johnson
James __. Carter
Herbert __. Hoover
Warren __. Harding
George __. __. Bush (41st president, not 43rd)
Barack __. Obama
Richard __. Nixon
Rutherford __. Hayes
Ulysses __. Grant
Geroge __. Bush (43rd president, not 41st)

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