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Can you name the words that use only L, E, A, S, and T?

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ClueWord# of letters
Opposite of most5
Iron alloy+carbon5
A collection3
A type of metamorphic rock5
To view3
One of the four primary directions4
A slippery, snake-like fish3
An elite force in the Navy4
To grant property5
The exchange of goods for money4
If you're not first, you're _____4
A stronger version of beer3
A thin piece of wood, such as on blinds4
Smaller than an ocean, but larger than a lake3
A small peg used in golf3
Expresses location2
Dried out, as in bread5
Above average height4
Home of the Mariners7
Adverb used in comparison; example: ___ good ___2
To inform4
To take without permission5
An art stand5
ClueWord# of letters
A formal conjunction meaning 'with the intention of preventing'4
A tall _____4
A shade of blue4
A combination of rain, ice, and/or snow5
To allow4
Iced _____3
A chair, e.g.4
To stop making progress5
To report, to a 1st-grader6
A button on your keyboard (hint: not L, E, A, S, or T)3
To make fun of5
Texas, e.g.5
Not stood3
Body art, for short3
To close a person's eyes4
Robert E. ____3
To reach an agreement; also, to emigrate to6
One of the five senses5
A decorative tuft6

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