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Wandering sailor's captain searches for whale that took his leg.
By walking in others' shoes, lawyer and family confront racism.
Trojan War hero overcomes obstacles, reunites with wife and son.*
African leader loses everything after arrival of the white man.
Star-cross'd lovers' deaths end a family feud.*
Castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.
In invented slang, young sociopath tells of imprisonment, being 'cured.'
Stranded on an island, children quickly become savages.
Bombardier struggles with unreasonable military rules and seemingly inevitable death.
Power-hungry, cursed, deranged thane murders to become king.*
Tale of retarded man and his protective friend turns tragic.
Factory owner saves hundreds in the midst of the Holocaust.
To reach adulthood, boy must overcome 'phonies' –- and himself.
Children enter wintry magical kingdom and fight for its freedom.
Man, unstuck in time, experiences horrors, including Dresden fire bombing.
Tree-jumping, rivalry become tragic for two best friends.
Rich teens face off against 'greasy' teens in turf war.
Boy and slave experience Mississippi rafting, racism.

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