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Can you name the athlete that completes the lyrics of these songs?

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“If Jeezy’s payin’ LeBron, I’m paying ________________.'Jay-Z - 'Empire State of Mind'
“Is your game M-V-P, like ______________?'Nelly Furtado - 'Promiscuous'
'E'rybody do the ________________.'Troop 41 - '_____________'
'Check it, you know how I be. Last week, ____________ couldn’t do it without me.'Shaquille O'Neal - '____________'
So say 'Hey Willie, tell Ty Cobb and _____________'John Fogherty - 'Centerfield'
'I'm like Magic to __________ and they tell me I ain't Worthy.'Nelly - 'Heart of a Champion'
'I'm shootin' out from my reign with _________________-type aim.'Nelly - 'Heart of a Champion'
'That _______________ first Nike contract money that make it rain'The Game -“Money”
'I might cross you up and fake one way, turn around and hit you wit the _____________ fadeaway. Lil' Bow Wow - 'Basketball'
'The first step like _____________, blow past you.'Lil' Bow Wow - 'Basketball'
'When ________________ came and stuck his arm in the rim, everybody went crazy in the whole dang gym.'Lil' Bow Wow - 'Basketball'
'________________ standin' tall, playin' 'D' wit' desire, it's basketball.'Lil' Bow Wow - 'Basketball'

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