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'Walking in a _____ Wonderland'
another word for a champion
'(Word 2), (Word 2), chicken _____'
a christian who disobeys God
someone who performs on American Idol
an athlete who is substituted, by deception, for another athlete in an event
a person who changes something in order for it to work to their advantage
a tiger-like character on Winnie the Pooh
someone who makes ditches in the ground using a shovel
a short knife used as a weapon
the possibility of being harmed
someone who watches over a park is called a 'Park _____'
there was no room at the inn, so baby Jesus slept in one of these
a loud explosive firework; a sausage
jokingly teasing someone
a three-beat gait of a horse
a dead bug used as bait in fishing
a movie about a friendly ghost
a more surprising event than all others that have happened so far
'Best _____ Alive'; somebody that spits sick rhymes accompanied by a beat
a man who is dressed nicely
a device used in music in order to reduce vibrations
a diaper brand; indulge with comfort
a fire engine that carries a hose and releases water
another word for being excited for something, especially a sports event
'Up _____ the Devil'
a two-_____ camel is called a bactrian camel
gently hitting something on accident (past tense)
a bar on the back of the car that prevents excessive damage
something that is disappointing
'500 Days of _____'

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