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This shiny bean sculpture is the centerpiece to the city's downtown park.
The site of a military loss to Mexico, this site inspired many to 'remember it', and ultimately win the war against Mexico.
Originally a swamp, it is now home to a castle, a savannah, and a giant futuristic golf ball.
Designed by Pierre L'Enfant to be a grand avenue, it is now an ubran national park featuring free public museums.
Erected in 1923, this is the nation's largest neighborhood development advertisement
A retreat for royalty to go surfing in the 1800s, now is a popular vacation desitnation known for its long rolling waves.
Originally a strip of coconut farms, it is now america's best topless beach.
Originally an open air grocery and meat market, this was converted in the 1970s to a food court as the centerpiece to a pedestrial shopping mall
A museum dedicated to the #1 softdrink on Earth
Also designated an 'all-american road', this attraction has 19 of the world's 25 largest hotels, and some of the world's most famous casinos.
Originally a crabbing spot for goldrushers, now is a major waterfront shopping attraction.
Home to a famous musician, this southern mansion was opened to the public in 1982.
One of the Bells rung to mark the public reading of the declaration of independence, July 8 1776
Built for the 1962 World's Fair, this attraction offers wonderful vistas as well as a restaraunt 500 feet off the ground
At the heart of the city's french quarter, this attraction does not have an open container law.
This large temple stands as the headquarters of one of the nation's religious sects.
Shallow port for small freight and passenger ferries turned into public square with aquarium, shopping, and dragon paddle boats.
After years as a red light district, it was converted in the 90s to a tourist friendly theatre district and home to one of the world's best new years celebrations.
This is the tallest man-made monument in the country, and is described as the entrance to the west.
Opening in 1915, this is one of the world's largest zoos, and one of the few zoos in the world that houses giant pandas.

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