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Goals-Assists-PointsPlayerTeams Played For
894-1963-2857EDM, LA, STL, NYR
694-1193-1887EDM, NYR, VAN
801-1049-1850DET, HFD
549-1249-1798HFD, PIT, CAR, TOR
731-1040-1771DET, LA, NYR
665-988-1653PIT, WAS, NYR, PHI*
625-1016-1641QUE, COL
717-873-1590CHI, BOS, NYR
410-1169-1579BOS, COL
577-956-1533PIT, PHI, MON, CAR, ATL, TB, BOS
396-1135-1531EDM, PIT, LA, DET, HFD, PHI, CHI, CAR, BOS
524-901-1425NYI, PIT
341-1079-1420DET, STL, BOS, WAS, PHI, ANA, EDM
450-964-1414STL, CAL, TOR, NJ, CHI, BUF, MON
518-891-1409WIN, BUF, PHI
663-743-1406WIN, ANA, SJ, COL*
601-797-1398EDM, LA, NYR, ANA, COL
668-726-1394LA, PIT, NYR, DET
741-650-1391CAL, STL, DAL, DET, PHX
561-813-1374MNS, DAL, DET
556-813-1369DET, BOS
656-698-1354NJ, STL, HFD, DET, NYR, NJ
560-793-1353MON, NYR, QUE
564-785-1349QUE, TOR, VAN
640-698-1338BUF, TOR, NJ, BOS, COL, BUF, TB
473-865-1338CHI, MON, TB
708-627-1335WAS, MNS, NYR, TOR, PHX
515-812-1327BUF, NYI, MON, STL, DAL, COL
340-934-1274CAL, STL
491-776-1267NYR, BOS
450-789-1239QUE, NJ, STL
338-894-1232BUF, WIN, STL, CAL, NJ, WAS, CHI, TOR
490-739-1229DET, TOR
513-703-1216CHI, PHX, PHI, LA, SJ
287-929-1216LA, WAS, MNS, PIT, TOR, DET
475-734-1209LA, NYR, EDM, NJ, CHI, SJ
432-773-1205TOR, EDM, MON, SJ
608-592-1200MNS, WAS, DET, TB, FLA
452-732-1184STL, PHI, CAR
483-696-1179DET, ANA, CMB, WAS
610-560-1170CHI, WIN, HFD
548-604-1152QUE, CHI
369-761-1130STL, DET
564-562-1126CAL, DAL, NJ, TOR, FLA
484-637-1121TOR, PHI, DET
533-570-1103TOR, DET, MON
498-601-1099EDM, TOR, NYR, STL
455-633-1088CAL, COL, NYR, CHI
324-754-1078BOS, SJ*
538-527-1065WIN, PHX, STL, ATL
522-541-1063NJ, HFD, NYR, DAL, DET
502-561-1063STL, CAL, PIT, BOS
357-679-1036MNS, MON
278-755-1033NYR, EDM, STL, CAR, ANA, NYI
473-559-1032BUF, VAN, NJ, TOR
247-781-1028NYR, TOR, BOS
428-596-1024NYR, PIT, MON, OTT
485-537-1022MNS, MON, TB, ANA, WAS
323-697-1020QUE, WAS, COL
468-545-1013NYI, BUF, NYR
441-571-1012CHI, NYR
500-506-1006TOR, CLR, CAL
425-579-1004PHI, BOS, MNS, HFD
365-638-1003SJ, EDM, FLA, CMB, DET, CAR, PHX*
402-587-989ANA, COL, NAS, STL
448-540-988NYR, BOS
396-590-986TOR, HFD
349-624-973NYR, TOR, DET, PIT
357-602-959NJ, MON, NYI, TOR, FLA, DAL
208-750-958MON, LA
440-512-952PHI, PIT, LA, BOS, WAS, PHX,
185-763-948MON, CHI, DET, ATL
417-521-938EDM, NJ, DAL, NAS, WAS, STL*
421-512-933TOR, CHI, NYI, NJ, ANA, DET
289-634-923MNS, DAL, NJ, LA
270-645-915BOS, CHI
438-472-910CAL, CAR, TOR, FLA, PIT, TB
196-712-908WAS, STL, NJ
417-487-904OTT, ATL, PIT, DET, CHI*
416-484-900NYR, CHI, PHX, PHI, CAL
408-490-898HFD, NYI, NYR, LA, ATL, STL
213-683-896NYR, BOS, DET
503-389-892WAS, OTT, ATL, CHI
Goals-Assists-PointsPlayerTeams Played For
375-513-888LA, NYI, BOS
422-463-885QUE, COL, SJ, TOR, PHX, CAL, MIN
249-636-885QUE, COL, PHI, NAS
356-522-878CGS, CLE, MNS, WAS
395-474-869PIT, VAN, NYR
306-563-869STL, VAN, PHX, NAS, LA, MIN, NYI
375-492-867VAN, NYI, MON, WAS
361-505-866BOS, CGS, CHI, ATF, VAN, DET
372-493-865PHI, NYR, TOR, DAL
391-469-860NYR, BOS, DET, PIT, MNS
429-427-856NJ, EDM, BOS, DAL, STL, SJ, NYI, PIT
394-462-856NYR, LA, PIT, DET, ANA
356-497-853DET, BUF, ATL
323-529-852CAL, TB*
379-472-851DET, CHI
203-641-844CAL, CHI, SJ
292-551-843ATF, CHI
413-429-842NJ, SJ, NYR, DAL
364-476-840PHI, EDM, FLA, STL, ATL
325-511-836NYI, CAL, LA, CHI, QUE
363-466-829NYI, CHI
402-425-827DET, QUE, NYR
237-590-827CHI, SJ
281-542-823DET, TOR
395-427-822PIT, MON, HFD, NYR
393-429-822MON, NYR
421-398-819MON, NJ, TB, STL, PIT
406-413-819MON, PHI, PIT
424-393-817MON, LA
356-458-814KCS, CLR, TOR, NYR, BUF, PIT
363-450-813BUF, BOS, VAN, NJ
324-485-809DET, BOS, CHI, VAN
256-551-807PHI, EDM, BOS, TOR
374-432-806EDM, NYI, COL, LA*
413-391-804TOR, DET, STL, ATF, LA, EDM
328-472-800CHI, BOS, NYR
367-432-799BOS, EDM, WAS, STL, VAN
342-452-794CHI, TOR, WIN, NYR, LA, PIT
441-347-788VAN, TOR, CHI, BUF
318-470-788WIN, PHX*
150-637-787TOR, DET
379-407-786MON, NJ, COL, PHX, DAL, SJ
406-379-785ATL, NJ*
245-537-782TB, DAL, NYR*
337-444-781OTT, NYI
437-342-779VAN, FLA, NYR
240-537-777LA, COL, SJ
236-540-776MON, ANA*
391-383-774PIT, ATF, WAS
340-433-773WIN, WAS, BOS, STL, CHI
288-485-773DET, MON, PIT
152-619-771NYR, PIT, DAL
304-464-768OTT, STL, LA, MIN, VAN
371-396-767TOR, PIT
342-419-761NJ, COL, BOS, MIN, NYI*
355-405-760HFD, PHI, CAR, OTT, CMB
349-410-759PHI, HFD, PIT, DET
266-493-759DET, PHI, HFD, VAN, CHI, SJ
292-466-758NYR, WAS, TOR, VAN
342-415-757HFD, PIT, QUE, COL, ANA, STL, DAL
227-525-752LA, PHI, QUE, STL, OTT, DET
303-448-751NYI, VAN, FLA, DET, ANA, CAL*
188-563-751BOS, STL, SJ, WIN, PHX, TB, NYI
214-534-748WAS, BOS, PIT, OTT*
326-421-747HFD, NJ, NYR, ATL
297-447-744TOR, MON, MNS, DAL, VAN, NYR, LA
355-388-743NJ, VAN, DAL, PHX, FLA
223-520-743MON, NYI, TOR, NYR, LA, DET, ANA, ATL, VAN, PHX
349-393-742ATL, OTT, SJ, MIN*
197-545-742HFD, PHI, DET
172-568-740NJ, ANA
363-373-735EDM, BUF, NYI, PIT, BOS
243-492-735PHI, OTT, FLA, TB, ANA, NYR, CMB*
238-497-735COL, CAL, MON, TB*
268-465-733WAS, NAS, ATL, MIN, COL, CHI*
204-528-732MON, HFD, CAL, VAN, CMB, WAS
283-447-730NJ, TOR, CHI, NAS, PIT*
320-408-728WAS, NYR, LA, BOS, NJ
274-454-728DET, BOS, TOR, MNS
355-372-727DET, BUF, TOR, FLA
278-449-727CAL, STL, TB, CAR, OTT, FLA
329-397-726PIT, BOS, LA, NYR, PHI
307-419-726TOR, NYR, MNS, LA
142-561-723WIN, HFD, VAN, PHI, LA
323-398-721NJ, ANA, NYR, EDM, PIT, MIN*
318-401-719NYR, MNS, DAL, TOR, CAL, FLA, VAN
249-470-719WIN, CHI, PHI, BOS
310-407-717VAN, STL, NYR, PIT, EDM, PHX, PHI
257-460-717PIT, OTT, NYI, FLA, LA, NYR
Goals-Assists-PointsPlayerTeams Played For
329-384-713NYI, LA, PIT
323-389-712NYR, PIT
342-369-711CGS, CLE, LA, BOS, PIT
248-462-710BOS, CHI, MNS, ATF, WAS
207-499-706NYR, CAL, ATL, BOS
261-442-703LA, BOS, PIT, WAS, DET, CHI, MON, PHX
245-458-703MON, MNS, NYR
284-418-702TOR, PIT, BUF, CLR
384-317-701BUF, LA
252-449-701PHI, CAL, NJ, DET, VAN
355-345-700HFD, CAR, VAN, BUF, CMB, PHX, PHI, EDM
157-541-698HFD, STL, EDM, ANA, PHI*
319-378-697NYI, BUF
395-299-694VAN, BOS
273-420-693MON, EDM, STL, TOR, DAL
264-422-686ATF, CAL, MNS, EDM
169-517-686NJ, NYR, MON*
354-331-685BUF, DET, EDM
266-419-685CAL, PIT, VAN, STL, PHI, MNS, OTT, LA
222-463-685DET, BOS, EDM, NYI, MNS, BUF
292-391-683LA, NYI, FLA, PHX, CAL, NYR*
313-367-680VAN, ATF, CAL, CLR, NJ, BUF
209-470-679HFD, CAL, TB, CHI, WAS, BOS, NYR
227-450-677WAS, DAL, PIT, NYR, CAR
196-481-677BOS, LA, FLA
370-304-674PHI, NYR, HFD
329-345-674PIT, CAL, STL, PHI, TOR
207-467-674MON, NYR, STL, BUF
324-349-673STL, WIN, DET
270-402-672TB, PHI, PHX, CAL*
381-285-666BOS, CGS, PHI, DET
260-403-663MON, STL, DAL
243-419-662DAL, NJ, STL*
309-351-660EDM, QUE, VAN, CAR, CAL, FLA, NAS
261-397-658MON, NYR, STL, DET
229-429-658DET, NYR, SJ, CAL
357-300-657BUF, NYR, DET, SJ, FLA, CAR
301-354-655NYR, MNS, DAL, SJ, CHI, WAS
303-351-654CHI, DET
238-416-654BOS, VAN, PIT, HFD
337-314-651BOS, PIT, LA
274-377-651BOS, PIT, NYI, LA, OTT, CHI, VAN, MON
324-323-647MIN, NYR*
148-499-647TOR, PIT, WIN
264-382-646WAS, MON, VAN
169-475-644VAN, SJ, DET, FLA, NJ
281-362-643TOR, LA
280-363-643PHX, BUF, PHI*
320-319-639BUF, QUE, MNS,
278-361-639MON, LA, CHI
149-490-639NYR, HFD, CAL, BUF
155-482-637TB, EDM, NYI, CAL, MON, WAS*
251-383-634MON, BOS
282-349-631TOR, QUE, HFD
252-378-630CAL, NYI, PHX, TOR
244-386-630EDM, NYR, STL, NJ, VAN, FLA, WAS
284-345-629VAN, CLR, NJ, MNS, QUE, DET, WIN, BOS, CAL
231-394-625BOS, NYI
260-362-622WIN, NYR, SJ, NYI
171-451-622MON, STL, BOS
274-346-620NYR, DET, PIT, LA
266-363-619DET, HFD, CAR, PHI
329-287-616DET, EDM, NYR, SJ
211-405-616CHI, BOS, MNS, BUF
255-360-615COL, CAL, BUF, NYR
261-351-612NYI, HFD, TOR, STL
241-371-612EDM, QUE, COL, MON, DAL, NYR, STL, VAN
261-347-608MON, TOR, STL
219-389-608PHI, STL, WAS, TOR, DAL, NJ, VAN
214-392-606MNS, CGS, BOS, DET, WAS, CLE, TOR, CLR
183-423-606NYR, PIT, LA
243-362-605PHI, QUE, COL, SJ, PHX
181-421-602CHI, MON, TOR
200-401-601NJ, VAN, ANA, DAL, WAS, CAL, CHI*
125-475-600LA, WAS, BOS, PHI, BUF, NYI
261-336-597WIN, FLA, PIT, BUF, DAL
259-337-596WAS, LA, BOS, TOR
238-355-593BOS, TOR, MNS, NYI, CLE
209-384-593VAN, BOS
240-351-591PHI, CGS, CLE, MNS, VAN
265-324-589MON, NYR, BUF, TOR
219-369-588VAN, NJ
169-418-587MON, OAK, CGS, BOS, NYR, NJ

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