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owner of the brothel in Vienna
engaged to be married to Angelo but was left by him when a shipwreck lost all her dowry
Claudio’s lover who is pregnant with his baby
drunk bastard cyrano fights for
virtuous, chaste, Claudio’s sister
lawyer, out to get Nora
clown who works for Mistress Overdone
sickly and weak, richard/clarence's older brother
master of Nora
love interest of cryano and christian
family killed by Richard
bad guy, he wants roxane and hates cyrano
pro edward, against richard, one of the first to be killed
baker who loves poetry, becomes a porter for roxane
pretty but not smart, dies in the battle
Richard's right-hand man
RIchard's brother who he has murdered and blames it on Edward
Christine, Nora's friend
married to Henry VI, manipulated into marrying Richard
dressed as a Friar for the whole show, good-hearted, rules with a loose grip
evil, corrupt, manipulative man w/ deformity
has a big nose, in love with roxane
strict ruler, villain, hypocritical about values when he asked Isabella to sleep with him
wife of Edward, mother of the young princes and young elizabeth
comic relief, Claudio’s friend who tries to help him
becomes king henry VII at the end of the show
cyrano's friend and fellow solider who tries to help him
Nora's maid
Isabella’s brother, arrested for having sex with Juliet before they were officially married
going to die, family friend of Nora and Torvald
Torvald's 'doll'
Angelo’s advisor who tries to get him to be more merciful
dim-witted constable who arrests people, speaks in malapropisms and is the comic relief

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