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Can you name the words or phrases that start with the last 4 letters of the previous word?

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Truthful, doesn't tell lies ('Abe' e.g.) (6)
Empty ________: kids have all left the house (6)
Simplified and standardized conception or image (10)
Particular printing design, style or font (8)
Small, polished plane surface of a cut gem (5)
Colorless and volatile liquid used as a solvent (7)
The part of a record player that carries the needle (7)
To set aside for a specific purpose or use (7)
Reduction in price (8)
Situated on or toward the lee side (8)
The sport in which a sailboard is used (8)
'Browsing' on the internet (7)
The part of the hand that gets polish (10)
Specifically what the hammer hits (8)
Padded part of a chair extending up from the back (8)
To prevent from doing or expressing something (8)
Speck of precipitation (8)
An attacking maneuver in professional wrestling (8)
Game combining elements of baseball and soccer (8)
Extremely and suddenly excited, upset or angry (9)
Describes a point that causes negotiations to stall (8)
Major figures in organized crime (8)
Popular fabric pattern for men’s suits (9)
Brings to completeness or perfection (6)
Person living on his or her retirement funds (9)
Involving, imposing or constituting a burden (7)
Giving rise to excitement (7)
Song where everyone joins in (9)
Having had a specified role for an extended period (8)
What gets punched at the start and end of a shift (8)
Record of muscle activity within the heart (10)
Old-fashioned term for record player (10)

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