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1the vertical groove on the median line of the upper lip
2the protective point or knob on the far end of an umbrella
3the tag covering the ends of a lace or point – e.g., the reinforcement at the end of a shoelace
4an indentation at the bottom of a molded glass bottle
5a crescent-shaped body part or marking (such as the whitish mark at the base of a fingernail)
6the dot over i or j
7the smooth prominence of the forehead between the eyebrows
8a vertical strip separating panes of glass in a window sash
9the infinity symbol (or more precisely, 'a figure-eight shaped curve whose equation in polar coordinates is ρ2=a2 cos 2θ or ρ2=a2 sin 2θ')
10the strip or shaped piece used for the sides of the fingers of a glove

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