Vowel Movement

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Can you name the words that contain each vowel exactly once? (Type the entire word or just the 5 vowels in the order in which they appear.)

Updated Oct 29, 2014

How to Play
Clue5-vowel wordWord with vowel movement
Noah was a great one.b_ _tb_ _ld_r
Describes the D in a Jack Black movie.t_n_c_ _ _s
Workaholics will keep going to the point of this._xh_ _st_ _n
Love knows no __________.b_ _nd_r_ _s
If you need surgery you hope it’s this kind._ _tp_t_ _nt
Some people have this “convincing” gift.p_rs_ _s_ _n
Left AND right handed._mb_d_xtr_ _s
Where “ashes to ashes” is taken seriously.cr_m_t_r_ _m
What many cities do to their water supplies.fl_ _r_d_t_
System where 12 is the base.d_ _d_c_m_l
The kind of disease that gets around.c_mm_n_c_bl_
Good girls worry about theirs, bad girls don’t.r_p_t_t_ _n
Clue5-vowel wordWord with vowel movement
If I had one of these I’d never clean again.h_ _s_m_ _d
This rocked in a song by Elvis.j_ _lh_ _s_
You take this when you look before you leap.pr_c_ _t_ _n
“Blooming” white veggie.c_ _l_fl_w_r
A particularly inflammatory type of a arthritis.rh_ _m_t_ _d
This + cognac + lemon juice = Sidecar.c_ _ntr_ _ _
Are you nuts? You must be __________.d_l_s_ _n_l
“Devil”ishly awesome.h_ll_c_ _ _s
Cube in Dungeons & Dragons.g_l_t_n_ _s
The perfect gift for a new home owner.h_ _s_w_rm_ng
People are dyin’ to get in to these places.m_rt_ _r_ _s
Sold to the highest bidder._ _ct_ _n_d

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