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Can you name the words created by changing the indicated letters in the previous word & rearranging the new letters?

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Letter change7-letter wordClue
Unscrammble CLEPSORwebsite for mentally stimulating diversions
L ➔ Fsurgical graspers
C ➔ Sto admit openly
F ➔ Yfish-eating hawks
P ➔ Nsensation related
Y ➔ Gto occupy completely
S ➔ Usawbones
G ➔ Vapprehensive
N ➔ YPeeping Toms
Y ➔ Deats up completely
Letter change7-letter wordClue
U ➔ Nsellers
V ➔ Tingested cocaine
N ➔ Yto decimate
O ➔ Awandered
Y ➔ Wship, airplane, bus, or train passenger attendant
T ➔ VHeigh-Ho singers
W ➔ Orelished
V ➔ Uexcited
A ➔ BKane’s sled
D ➔ Zreally cold

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