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Can you name the bands by unscrambling the words in their name?

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Scrambled WordsBand Name
Mary Peter And Paul
Cutie Cab For Death
Band The Kihn Greg
Pursuit Of The Happiness
And The Blowfish Hootie
Palmer And Emerson Lake
Of Seagulls A Flock
Manfred Band Mann’s Earth
Black Club Motorcycle Rebel
Band Electrical Five Man
Ben Band Big Banjo
Quest Called A Tribe
And The Vandellas Martha
Will Pop Eat Itself
Of Taste A Honey
Show Medicine Old Crow
The Chipmunks And Alvin
And The Gerry Pacemakers
Scrambled WordsBand Name
The Band Tucker Marshall
Toad Wet The Sprocket
Earth And Fire Wind
Band Nitty Gritty Dirt
Red Chili Peppers Hot
To Frankie Goes Hollywood
The Ants And Adam
Dawn And Orlando Tony
Union Of Blessid Souls
Disco At The Panic!
But The Everything Girl
Steve Band The Miller
Dying As I Lay
Five Finger Punch Death
Giants Might They Be
Of A Down System
The Dominoes And Derek
Against The Rage Machine

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