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Can you name the words ending in '-one’ from A to Z?

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Letter'-one' WordHint
Aedible mollusk
Bbetween bass and tenor
Cone delegated to ensure proper behavior
Fprevious, past
Grecord player
Hsame sounding word
Inuclides with the same number of neutrons
Kmonetary unit of Denmark and Norway
Lmonetary unit of Sierra Leone
Mveggie, bean and pasta soup
Letter'-one' WordHint
Nnot any such thing or person
Pcheese variety
Qaromatic compound
R________ Cowboy
Ssingle-serving quick bread
Tcan be rotary or touch-tone
Unot thoroughly cooked
Vlarge, bowed musical instrument
Wsad or miserable in appearance
Xpercussion instrument
Y________ Christa Jewelry
Zto partition into specific sections

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