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Can you name the amount of yardage assessed for each penalty in the NFL?

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Removing helmet after a play while on the field
Illegal crackback block
Running into kicker
Piling on
Illegal shift
Delay of game
Illegal forward pass
Second forward pass behind the line
Neutral zone infraction
Unsportsmanlike conduct
Helping the runner
Illegal formation
12 men in the huddle
Ineligible player downfield during passing down
False start
Leading with the helmet
Intentional grounding of forward pass
Delay of game at start of either half
Holding by offense
Offensive pass interference
Excessive crowd noise
Illegal motion
Chop block
Roughing the passer
Unnecessary roughness
Roughing the kicker
More than 11 players on the field
Illegal use of hands
Less than 7 men on offensive line at snap
Excessive time out(s)
Illegal substitution
Invalid fair catch signal
Fair catch interference
Deliberately kicking, batting or punching a loose ball
Illegal block above the waist
Failure to report change of eligibility

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