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Can you name the missing words in these terms containing the word ‘Blue’?

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‘Blue’ TermMissing WordHint
Blue Öyster ______'(Don't Fear) The Reaper' band
______ Blue SkyELO song
Once in a blue ______Happens rarely
______ Blue PersuasionTommy James song
Little ______ BlueNursery rhyme
______ Blue Something'Breakfast At Tiffany's' band
Cuss a blue ______Curse a great deal
Columbus Blue _______NHL team
______ Blue EyesThe Who song
Screwed, blued and ______Unjustly victimized
Toronto Blue ______Major League Baseball team
Between the ______ and the deep blue seaIn a dilemma
‘Blue’ TermMissing WordHint
Don't It Make My Brown _____ BlueCrystal Gayle song
______ Blue SkyPink Floyd song
The Thin Blue ______Police film & TV series
Until you are blue in the ______You are wasting your efforts
My Blue ______1990 Steve Martin film
_____ Of The Red, White, and BlueToby Keith song
Damn it to blue ______!Euphemism for 'Bloody hell!'
Devil in a Blue ______Mitch Ryder song
Roses are red, ______ are bluePoem
Blueberry ______Fats Dominio song
Pabst Blue ______American pale lager beer
One ______ Two ______ Red ______ Blue ______Dr. Seuss book

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