Missing Word: Superstitions

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Can you name the missing word in each of these good luck and bad luck superstitions?

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Good Luck Superstitions
Throwing a pinch of _______ over your shoulder 
Possessing a _______ foot 
Placing a _______ over the door 
Finding a _______ clover 
Stepping on your _______ 
Finding a _______ heads up 
_______ protects from evil spirits and vampires 
Crossing your _______ 
Bad Luck Superstitions
A black _______ crosses your path 
Breaking a _______ gives you 7 years of bad luck 
Walking under a _______ 
The number _______ 
Opening an _______ indoors 
_______ the thirteenth 
Step on a _______, break your mother’s back 
Dropping a _______ 

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