Missing Word: Famous Joneses (A-Z)

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Can you name the missing name in these famous Joneses from A to Z?

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Famous JonesMissing WordHint
(A) ________ JonesAmerican radio talk show host & documentary filmmaker
(B) ________ JonesFictional diary writer
(C) ________ JonesAmerican railroad engineer
(D) ________ JonesThe Monkees singer
(E) James ________ JonesVoice of Darth Vader
(F) ________ JonesEnglish actor
(G) ________ JonesAmerican country music singer
(H) ________ JonesBritish singer & songwriter
(I) ________ Jones‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ character
(J) ________ JonesAmerican actress & model
(K) ________ JonesThe Who drummer (post-Keith Moon)
(L) Tommy ________ JonesAmerican actor & film director
(M) ________ JonesThe Clash guitarist
(N) ________ JonesAmerican singer-songwriter
(O) ________ JonesCanadian jazz pianist
(P) John ________ Jones'I have not yet begun to fight!'
(Q) ________ JonesAmerican composer & record producer
(R) ________ Penry-JonesEnglish actor
(S) ________ JonesAmerican singer & actress
(T) ________ Jones‘What's New Pussycat’ singer
(V) Reginald ________ JonesBritish World War II physicist & military intelligence expert
(W) ________ JonesWelsh international footballer
(Z) Catherine ________-JonesWelsh actress

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