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Can you name the missing word in each of these money themed clichés?

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Money Themed ClichéMissing Word
______ doesn’t grow on trees
The best things in life are ______
A ______ and his money are soon parted
Put your money where your ______ is
Another ______ another dollar
______ me the money
The love of money is the ______ of all evil
______ is king
In for a penny in for a ______
To ______ your bottom dollar
Money Themed ClichéMissing Word
As ______ as gold
To laugh all the way to the ______
Money makes the world go ______
A ______ saved is a ______ earned
To give someone a ______ for their money
To live on a shoestring ______
To stop/turn on a ______
There’s no such thing as a free ______
Worth its weight in ______
______ is money

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