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Can you name the words that are spelled with one P and one Q?

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DefinitionWordThe Missing Letters
clever or witty remark or commentq_ _p
to furnish or provide with whatever is needed_q_ _p
to excite or arouse interest or curiosityp_q_ _
colorless bacterial film on teethp_ _q_ _
impenetrable to light_p_q_ _
story containing events that precede an existing workp_ _q_ _l
patterned wood flooringp_ _q_ _t
pleasantly biting or tartp_q_ _ _ _
DefinitionWordThe Missing Letters
bodily makeup; buildp_ _ _ _q_ _
to make four times as greatq_ _ _ _ _p_ _
to make five times as greatq_ _ _ _ _p_ _
board that skims over water when towed behind a boat_q_ _p_ _ _ _
plastic explosivep_ _ _ _ _q_ _
to meet the required standard ahead of timep_ _q_ _ _ _ _ _
of or relating to rogues or rascalsp_ _ _ _ _ _q_ _
required beforehandp_ _ _ _q_ _ _ _ _ _

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