Lay vs. Lie

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Can you name the correct verb to complete each sentence: lay or lie?

Updated Jan 26, 2013

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SentenceLay or Lie?
The pigs _____ in the mud yesterday after the rain.
_____ down your weapons and put your hands up!
Have you ever seen a chicken _____ an egg?
_____ on the ground and look at the stars.
_____ your cards on the table.
It’s nice to _____ by the pool on a hot day.
I think I'll _____ low for a while.
I _____ on the floor earlier today because my back hurt.
SentenceLay or Lie?
Yesterday, she _____ on the couch all day.
You should _____ down because you look tired.
They just _____ around the house all last weekend.
Please _____ the books on the shelf.
He'll _____ down for 20 minutes after lunch.
I only want to _____ in bed when I'm sick.
Don't just _____ there, get up!
Last night I _____ awake and couldn’t sleep.

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