Lay, Lie, Laid or Lain?

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Can you name the correct form of 'lay' or 'lie' to complete each sentence?

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Sentencelay, lie, laid or lain?
I _______ on the floor yesterday exhausted.
I could have _______ by the pool all day.
I _______ it down here yesterday.
Last night I _______ awake in bed.
Mary _______ her purse on the shelf last night.
I _______ the plates in the sink.
Yesterday, she _______ on the couch all day.
Have you ever seen a chicken _______ an egg?
Last weekend, he _______ around his apartment.
Don't _______ on wet grass!
The pig _______ in the mud yesterday.
Sentencelay, lie, laid or lain?
He just _______ the reports on your desk.
_______ down next to me.
I just want to _______ in bed all day.
Please _______ the books on the desk.
The cat has _______ in his bed for hours.
The chicken just _______ two eggs.
I _______ down next to her last night.
Steve has _______ on the rug all day.
They have _______ 50 feet of cable today.
You should _______ down because you look tired.
I have _______ the money on the counter.

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