John Wayne (Actor) or John Wayne (Serial Killer)?

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Once vice-president of the Jaycees
Cause of death: Lethal Injection
Born March 17, 1942
Span of killings: 1972–1978
Born in Winterset, Iowa
Born in Chicago, Illinois
Nickname: “Killer Clown”
Number of victims: 33
Number of Oscar nominations: 3
Biographical InformationEnter A (actor) or K (killer)
Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
1st wife: Josephine Alicia Saenz
Nickname: “The Duke”
Died May 10, 1994
Span of career: 1926–1976
Born May 26, 1907
Cause of death: Stomach cancer
Died June 11, 1979
1st wife: Marlynn Myers

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