Huey, Dewey or Louie?

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Can you name the famous Hueys (H), Deweys (D) and Louies (L), or variations thereof?

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ClueH, D or L?
______ Beach (Beach in US state of Delaware)
Fifth book of the Hebrew Bible
______ Decimal System (Library classification system)
______ Piniella (American baseball player and manager)
‘______ ______’ (The Kingsmen song)
______ Bonneville (English actor)
Ubiquitous Vietnam-era helicopter
______ Vuitton (French fashion label)
______ Farrakhan (American religious leader)
C. S. ______ (Irish author)
______ Gehrig (American baseball player)
______ Monster (Elmo's father on Sesame Street)
US TV series ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ younger brother
______ the Bear (NHL's St. Louis Blues mascot)
______ Downs (American broadcaster & TV host)
______ Grant (US TV series)
ClueH, D or L?
______ Lewis (American musician)
King ______ (Disney's ‘Jungle Book’ character)
______ Newton (American political activist)
Carl ______ (American track & field athlete)
US Presidential candidate defeated by Truman
______ Hefner (Founder of Playboy)
______ Laurie (English actor)
______ Grant (British actor)
Huey ______ (American musician)
Deputy Dwight ______ Riley (‘Scream’ character)
______ Anderson (American stand-up comedian)
Joe ______ (American professional boxer)
______ Pasteur (French chemist & microbiologist)
______ Jackman (Australian actor)
______ Armstrong (American musician)
______ Brock (American baseball player)

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