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Can you name the things whose names consist of double words or double sets of letters?

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ClueRepeated thing
Mazda ad catchphrase
___ ___ Binks (Star Wars ‘The Phantom Menace’ character)
Eva’s sister
Where to get answers via text message
Washington city
'Broken Wings’ band
___ ___ platter (Chinese small meat and seafood dish)
sphere-shaped lollipop
‘That’s Not My Name’ band
ClueRepeated thing
JFK Jr. childhood nickname
___ ___ Tembo (story set in ancient China)
nautical acknowledgement
Bow ___ ___ ('I Want Candy' band)
hubbub, uproar
___ ___ Cher-ee (Mary Poppins tune)
Ray '___ ___' Mancini (Boxer)
maiden in the opera ‘The Mikado’
Lady ____ (‘Just Dance’ singer)

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