Shortest double letter ending words (aa-zz)

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Can you name the shortest words (excluding proper nouns) that end in a double letter for each letter of the alphabet?

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DefinitionWordThe missing letter(s)
to bleat_aa
to flow back or recede_bb
to find the sum of_dd
not on or connected_ff
female gamete; an ovum_gg
exclamation to request silence_hh
diameter halves_ _ _ii
not healthy; sick_ll
DefinitionWordThe missing letter(s)
to mask_ _mm
tavern or restaurant_nn
sound made by a cow_oo
to move slowly or laboriously_ _ _ _ _pp
to make an error or a mistake_rr
buttocks (vulgar)_ss
mongrel dog_ _tt
long loose dress that hangs free from the shoulders_ _ _ _ uu
type of short, fine body hair on an animal_ _zz

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