Which Country Is Fatter?

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Can you name the country with the higher percentage of overweight* people?

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CountriesWhich Is Fatter?
A) Kuwait or B) Saudi Arabia
A) Argentina or B) Germany
A) Ireland or B) Turkey
A) Finland or B) Greece
A) Kiribati or B) Andorra
A) France or B) Spain
A) Samoa or B) Barbados
A) Romania or B) Brazil
A) Hungary or B) Swaziland
A) Canada or B) Dominica
CountriesWhich Is Fatter?
A) Denmark or B) Liberia
A) Israel or B) Poland
A) Cuba or B) New Zealand
A) Iceland or B) Argentina
A) United Kingdom or B) United States
A) Egypt or B) Peru
A) Norway or B) North Korea
A) Sweden or B) Kyrgyzstan
A) Jamaica or B) Australia
A) Italy or B) Switzerland

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