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Date/AgeNameKnown For
1-23 (96)Fitness guru
2-28 (89)Pinup girl & actress
3-23 (79)Oft-married actress
3-26 (75)Female U.S. vice-presidential candidate
5-2 (54)Leader of al-Qaida
5-7 (54)5-time major golf champion
5-17 (74)Minnesota Twins baseball slugger
5-20 (58)Professional wrestler
6-3 (83)Doctor-assisted suicide proponent
6-18 (69)E Street Band saxophone player
6-23 (83)Actor (Columbo)
7-8 (93)Former U.S. first lady
Date/AgeNameKnown For
7-23 (27)British pop singer
8-3 (66)Former NFL star, actor (Police Academy)
9-10 (88)Actor (PT 109)
8-13 (89)British pop artist
10-5 (56)Apple founder
10-16 (33)British 2-time Indianapolis 500 winner
10-20 (69)Libyan ruler
11-4 (92)TV commentator (60 Minutes)
11-7 (67)Heavyweight boxer
11-8 (89)Comic-strip creator (The Family Circus)
12-7 (96)Actor (M*A*S*H)
12-17 (69)Leader of North Korea

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