Blitz: Tom, Dick or Harry?

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Can you name the Toms, Dicks and Harrys in 60 seconds?

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Surname/Known ForT, D or H?
Landry (NFL coach)
Bosley (“Happy Days” actor)
Clark (American Bandstand host)
Petty (“Learning to Fly” singer)
Cheney (U.S. Vice President)
Jones (“It's Not Unusual” singer)
Brady (NFL Quarterback)
Hamlin (“L.A. Law” actor)
Houdini (Magician & escapologist)
Waits (American singer-songwriter)
Truman (U.S. President)
Vitale (college basketball sportscaster)
Fox (Fox Trot creator)
Morgan (“M*A*S*H” actor)
Callahan (Clint Eastwood role)
Chapin (“Cats in the Cradle” singer)
Shearer (“The Simpsons” voice actor)
Dastardly (“Wacky Races” character)
Welling (“Smallville” actor)
Lehrer (American singer-songwriter)
Tracy (Comic strip detective)
Brokaw (“NBC Nightly News” anchor)
Clancy (“The Hunt for Red October” author)
Trickle (NASCAR driver)
Surname/Known ForT, D or H?
Hanks (“Forrest Gump” actor)
Butkus (NFL linebacker)
Sawyer (Mark Twain novel)
Potter (J. K. Rowling book series)
Cavett (American talk show host)
Watson (PGA Golfer)
Riddle (“Harry Potter” character)
Selleck (“Magnum, P.I.” actor)
Van Patten (“Eight is Enough” actor)
Mix (American Westerns actor)
Thumb (English folklore character)
Grayson (Bruce Wayne’s ward)
Belafonte (American singer-songwriter)
Arnold (“True Lies” actor)
Dunne (Lloyd’s “Dumb and Dumber” sidekick)
Seaver (MLB pitcher)
Swift (Science fiction series character)
Van Dyke (American actor & comedian)
Connick, Jr (American singer-songwriter)
Daschle (U.S. Senator)
Green (“Charlie's Angels” actor)
Blackmun (Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court Justice)
Smothers (Comedy duo brother)
Cruise (“Top Gun” actor)

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