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Can you name the people named Alec and the people named Alex?

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Surname/Known ForAlec or Alex?
Ferguson (Scottish football manager)
Rider (British spy series)
Guinness (English actor)
Baldwin (American actor)
DeLarge (“A Clockwork Orange” character)
P. Keaton (“Family Ties” character)
Fleming (Penicillin discoverer)
Haley (“Roots” Novelist)
Douglas-Home (UK Prime Minister)
Trebek (“Jeopardy!” host)
Sulkin (American television writer)
Connell (NHL Hall of Famer)
Baumann (Canadian gold medalist)
Surname/Known ForAlec or Alex?
Russo (“Wizards of Waverly Place” character)
Hardison (“Leverage” character)
Riley (WWE wrestler)
Higgins (Snooker champion)
Smith (NFL QB)
Trevelyan (“GoldenEye” character)
Rodriguez (Baseball player)
John Such (Bon Jovi bassist)
McDowell (“Dark Angel” character)
Ochoa (Baseball player)
Newman (Scottish actor)
Karras (American Football player)
Corretja (Tennis player)

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