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Can you name the word roots and prefixes shared by each group of letters?

Updated Aug 20, 2013

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letters sharing prefixprefixprefix meaning
-morphus, -gamy, -gonmany
-port, -align, -viseagain
-national, -media, -plymany
-amic, -amo, -astypower
-lateral, -nox, -distantequal
-potent, -vorous, -presentall, every
-phoria, -logy, -phemismwell
-spire, -suade, -mitthrough, intensive
-opus, -agon, -aveeight
-sense, -descript, -abrasivenot
-phone, -byte, -tongreat, million
-verge, -join, -tractwith, together
-gonal, -meter, -logueacross, between
-genize, -sexual, -phonesame
-active, -ventilate, -bolicover, above
-cast, -see, -tellfront
-ology, -ic, -icletime
-nary, -furcate, -weeklytwo
-medic, -phrase, -doxbeside
-natural, -sede, -iorabove
letters sharing prefixprefixprefix meaning
-hale, -clusive, -ceedaway, lacking
-mobile, -matic, -graphself
-graph, -synthesis, -geniclight
-rocket, -spective, -activebackwards
-red, -structure, -axillarybeneath
-solve, -rupt, -sentaway, off
-ennial, -ury, -ipedehundred
-form, -mit, -portationbeyond, change
-logy, -graphy, -melife
-angle, -logy, -nitythree
-content, -ice, -functionbad, badly
-type, -zoan, -colfirst
-ograph, -etic, -icssound
-venous, -mural, -natalwithin, during
-dontics, -pedic, -doxstraight
-poly, -logue, -railone
-factor, -volent, -dictiongood, well
-mortem, -pone, -eriorafter, behind
-thesis, -septic, -socialagainst, opposite
-torium, -ence, -bleto hear, listen

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