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the rate at which producers use photosythesis to produce and store chemical energy minus the rate at which they use some of the chemical energy in aerobic respiration
only cycle to use phosphate
the dry weight of all organic matter
process where where simple organic compounds are converted to more complex nutrient compounds
life earth chemical cycles; sometimes known as nutrient cycles
sequence of organisms that serves as a source of food for the next
this process breaks down glucose in the absense of oxygen
producers are often called this
the rate at which an ecosystems where producers convert solar energy into chemical energy
this element is the building block in carbohydrates; it circulates through the biosphere atmosphere and hydrosphere
in this cycle NH3 can break down in soil and can run off or become N2 gas
this diagram shows the loss of energy as it goes through the different trophic levels
populations of different species living in a particular place
known as the water cycle
known as high level consumers

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