Which Hogwarts house do you belong in?

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Can you name the Which Hogwarts house to you belong in?

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Your opinion on group projects?
Fine, as long as I'm in a good group who are there to learn the most from the project.
Love them! Working with other people suits me. I enjoy helping others and sharing ideas with the group.
Do not like them. I don't want to share the credit.
OK, as long as I can be the leader and people listen to all my ideas.
Your friends are making fun of another person, you:
You step up and tell them to stop. You know it may start a fight, but you also know it's the right thing to do.
You jump right in, adding your own remarks about the person. The worse they look, the better you look.
You know it's wrong, but you don't want to start a fight. You manage to change topics to something everyone enjoys.
Go a long with them. It may not be right, but you don't want your friends upset with you.
Someone's beliefs on a topic differ from yours, and they appear to close minded to consider your beliefs. You:
Attack them for their beliefs, hoping you can shame them into believing what you believe
Calmly explain to them your beliefs, and the facts to back them up. You know it may take a while, but it's worth it if they walk away with new found knowledge.
Boldly point out the flaws in their beliefs and explain why your beliefs are right.
Attempt to explain your beliefs, but ultimately have no patience for close minded people.
Your favourite subject in school:
Something that allows me to rise above others and show off slightly. Like gym class.
Something that allows me to work with others, but also explores things we know for sure. Maybe history or the sciences.
Something that advances my knowledge and peaks my curiosity. Like math or science. Really anything that fits into my schedule
Something that will help me get ahead in life. Like law, or psychology. Anything that is career oriented.
You enjoy:
Spending time with family and close friends.
Being with friends, doing something new, even if it's dangerous or bad.
Being out with a group of friends, doing something fun and exciting.
You overhear someone bad mouthing a close friend, you:
Stand up for you're friend. It may cause an issue, but you aren't about to let someone be rude about your friend.
Stand up for your friend, even if you have to be mean in return. You aren't above insulting them to get your point across.
Walk away. You don't want to start anything.
Explain to them what they're saying is wrong and then walk away. It may not stop them, but at least you defended your friend and avoided conflict.
People would describe you as:
Curious, individualistic, and imaginative.
cunning, adventurous, and a risk taker.
Group oriented, caring, and practical.
Direct, fiery, and fair.
Which house do you feel you belong in?

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