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Kevin Costner (1991), Cary Elwes (1993)
Charlton Heston (1956), Mel Brooks (1981)
Orson Welles (1955), Laurence Fishburne (1995)
Val Kilmer (1995), George Clooney (1997)
Marlon Brando (1972), Robert De Niro (1974)
Steve Reed (1991), Bruce Greenwood (2000)
Willem Dafoe (1988), James Caviezel (2004)
Sean Connery (1995), Clive Owen (2004)
Alec Guinness (1973), Bruno Ganz (2004)
Jennifer Ehle (1995), Keira Knightley (2005)
Tim Allen (1994), Edward Asner (2003)
Ben Gazzara (1975), Robert De Niro (1987)
Gene WIlder (1971), Johnny Depp (2005)
Judi Dench (1998), Cate Blanchet (1998)
Basil Rathbone (1939), Robert Downey Jr. (2009)
Olivia Hussey (1968), Claire Danes (1996)
Gene Wilder (1968), Matthew Broderick (2005)
Jack Nicholson (1989), Heath Ledger (2008)
Sean Connery (1962), Daniel Craig (2006)
Richard Harris (2001), Michael Gambon (2004)
Alec Guinness (1977), Ewan McGregor (1999)

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