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Clues4-letter words
______ A Little Whistle
Nemo, Marlin, and Dory ______ in the ocean
So This Is ______
Mother ______ (Fairy in Neverland)
Violet's shield makes this shape
The Bells of Notre ______
Giselle wants to go on a ______ before she marries Prince Edward
Ursula ______s King Triton
The White Rabbit and the March ______(Alice in Wonderland)
I'm Still ______ (Treasure Planet)
Clues4-letter words
Zero to ______
Simba is almost trampled by a ______ of wildabeest
______ my every order and you might survive! (Mulan)
______ the Birds
Can You ______ the Love Tonight?
Then a burst of crystal listen to it ______, its the glockenspiel. (Come Follow the Band)
Nemo and his classmates ______ over the drop-off
(In spanish from Arabian Nights) I have not seen anything WORSE
______ Unfortunate Souls
Winnie The ______

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